Tired of being buried in debt?

Feel like you are constantly playing catch-up and can’t get ahead?

We understand how hard it is to prioritize life, especially when you are a young professional. 

Your current income is limiting your ability to pay off your debt, and at the same time, prohibiting your ability to grow. 

You are not alone.

I know what it’s like to be over $175,000 in debt, and then make a plan to actually pay it off.

Here’s why -

A few years ago, my husband and I owed $168,652.60 in debt… total. A good portion of that (28k to be exact) was consumer debt. The rest was all mortgage. 

It felt like we were never going to be able to get out of this debt cycle. We were sending so much money to minimum payments, how were we supposed to find additional money to save or pay extra? By the time we have a car paid off, it would be time to buy a new one. How did anyone ever get ahead?

We made changes… in fact, a few things happened at once.

First, we decided to get serious about paying off our debts. We cracked down on budgeting and committed to paying as much extra as we could in order to lower our balances

Second, we started a side hustle which turned out to be quite profitable. We only did that for about a year, but it did two things: 

1. Paid down quite a bit of our consumer debt and 

2. it gave us enough cash to put a down payment on a rental property. 

With the help of our rental property (which initially increased our debt, but it also improved our overall finances long term.) we kept chipping away at the last of our consumer debts (about $9K by this point) and used the profit from the rental property to pay down its mortgage. The idea was to use the equity in the rental house to pay off our primary mortgage someday. 

We became consumer debt free in about two years.

Meanwhile, our neighborhood had been going downhill. The local schools started having trouble keeping pace with state standards, and we just weren't as happy in that area as we had been when we first moved in. So with our improved financial situation, we were able to buy an upgraded primary home. 

From here, we used some of the equity from the sale of the original house to pay off the rental at the same time. So at this point, we had a $205,000 mortgage on our primary residence, a paid-off rental, and no consumer debt. 

The best part? We paid cash for a new car!

Finally, the day came when the equity in our rental property would pay off our primary residence. The plan when we bought that house was that it would be used to pay off our mortgage, so we sold the rental and used the profits to pay off our house - we became totally debt free.

I’m sharing this story to help you realize two things:

1. You can still do other stuff while paying off debt. 

We spent a lot of money on "non-essentials" (a new car and two houses) but still became completely debt free including the mortgage in just under 10 years.

Could we have done it sooner if we hadn't upgraded our primary residence, and bought a new car?  For sure. But this is real life here. We also did other "normal" things like eating out and going on vacation.

2010 presented an amazing opportunity in real estate after the crash. We did very well on that house, and it would have limited us to staying 100% focused on paying off debt and had been unwilling to divert some money into that opportunity. 

2. You start receiving the benefits of paying off your debt well before you become debt free. 

Because we had made decent progress on our debts between Jan 2009 and Sept 2010 we were able to get a mortgage on the rental property.  We were also able to save up and pay cash for a new car.

Create a Confident Money Mindset

Learn How to Payoff Debt Faster, While Still Having Some Fun

In this course, we’ll teach you our proven “get out and stay outta debt process” process that includes how to:

Get Organized: Get a clear understanding of exactly where you are now and what is on your debt “hit list.” No more ignoring, or turning your head to the scary unknown. Once you complete this step, you will be able to move forward and take control.

Take Control: Once you know exactly where you are at, you can then imagine what your debt free life will look like - what are all the things you can be doing with that money? We will make a plan so that you are in control of your money, and where it’s going so that eventually, you can have this money back in your pocket for those fun things that you value.

Stay Motivated: When you get going with the plan you created, it is important to set achievable goals. Break down your actions into small steps and celebrate each milestone - no matter how small - in order to keep yourself encouraged throughout the process.

Take Confident Action with Your Personal Finances

In just 30 days minutes a day, we will teach you our process to get organized, take control and stay motivated to be debt free! 

(+ we’ll help you learn how to handle ALL the detours that life throws at you!)

We want you to feel confident that:

- You have a plan in place to work towards your financial freedom. 

- You have options and those can lead to new/different opportunities.

- You don’t have to restrict everything - you can still have some fun and freedom with your finances while becoming debt free.

For just $39, you will get:

- 7, short and actionable videos that explain exactly what you need to do to get your debt-free plan in place.

- Multiple templates and supporting documents to help you work your plan.

- Tips, tricks and stories from our team to help you feel better about yourself and the debt-free life ahead of you!

What You'll Learn

    1. Introduction

    1. Put a list of your debts together

    1. What will you do when you're debt free?

    1. You'll need two tools - a budget and an emergency fund

    1. Start using a budget

    1. Build your emergency fund

About this course

  • $39.00
  • 9 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content
  • Full Captions
  • Extra Resources

I am ready to be debt free!

Sure, you can continue to keep doing what you are doing - living paycheck to paycheck, making minimum payments and maybeee catching a tax refund here and there.

But what good does this do for you?

You’ll keep paying high-interest rates, accumulating more debt (especially if an emergency pops up - and you know it will)... and ultimately paying the bonus of the big bankers… versus your dreams.

And let’s be honest. Holding onto debt and worrying about your finances is a huge life stress that can impact your health, your happiness, and even your relationships with family and friends.

If you don’t get your debt under control, this is what could happen…

  • You could be subject to increasing interest rates.  WHY? Because creditors want to ensure that their money will be paid back on time and in full… so if you can’t manage your debt well, then they are going to increase interest rates, add late payments, and attempt to “incentivize” you to pay back your debt. 

  • Without any sort of payment plan or budgeting in place, debts can grow quickly and become unmanageable. Interest rates tend to increase with the amount of money that you own - which means that the more debt you have, the even larger amount of money you owe in the long run. 

  • On top of that, having excessive amounts of debt can have long-term effects on credit scores which can prevent them from being approved for loans or mortgages at favorable terms. In some cases, landlords may even deny a potential tenant based on their credit score due to their debt burden.

Let’s Get Debt Free

If you are struggling with debt, it’s important to deal with it now, before these things happen which can cause it to spiral even more out of control.

The Details

How long will this course take me to complete?

  • The course materials can be watched in as little as 10 minutes a day… however, you will need more time to complete the actual work to get out of debt. Plan to spend at least 30 minutes a day working through the exercises in order to get your debt-free plan on track.

What additional resources are included so that I stay on track?

  • Each lesson in this course comes with a variety of resources, worksheets, and templates to help you make… and stay… on your debt free plan.

Ditch Your Debt for Good!

Why Buy from Money Under 30?

Because we’ve been in your shoes and know exactly what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with debt. 

Hi, my name is Ashley Barnett, and I am the Content Director here at Money Under 30. I've been creating personal finance content since 2008. I have been teaching these concepts for years, and I've helped thousands and thousands of people get out of debt!

When I started getting serious about my debt, I owed a total of $183,359.49. $38,138.37 was consumer debt.  I paid off all of our consumer debt in 2.5 years and then focused on the mortgage which took another seven years. And we became totally debt free in September 2017. 

You CAN pay off your debt. You will likely have to make some changes, and it will likely take some time. But you are in full control of this process, I'm just here to guide the way. 

This plan that I'm going to walk you through works if you work it. 

Start Your Debt Free Plan